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We want to give a new view on the old traditions of Rotterdam, which are historically based in this street and depend strongly on cosiness from the neighbourhood & community. Reflect a lifestyle that is approachable to all and loved by many. A place to escape from the day to day demands of modern life and revive as if at home.

A place that shares the stories of Cocktails, Humans, Art, Craftsmanship and Music. That provides quality through simplicity by following the principle of ‘Less Is More’. Tells stories and creates opportunities by providing a platform for the like-minded.

Built on Rum, yet always making room for others. With a menu where classics are not only remembered but celebrated too. We’ll preach & teach, but will let you decide.


Rumah means home in Indonesian, and that is exactly what we give; a place where guests feel at home and revive.


Personally providing hospitality, perfect cocktails, art and "simplicity" to the (International) community through the bar.